Suzann Ellis is the President of Beacon Films and Television.  She developed and is executive producing TNT’s new series AGENT X starring Sharon Stone and Jeff Hephner.  Ellis oversees Beacon’s extensive slate of television projects, including HORIZON, a 12-hour limited series to be directed by Kevin Costner; CARRY THE WORLD, for F/X, based Diana Castle’s acclaimed play; and REPAIRMAN JACK, based on a series of novels by Dr. F. Paul Wilson, and  is supervising Beacon’s  Co-financing Joint Venture with Eone Entertainment.  As head of Beacon Films, Ellis is shepherding the company’s line up of projects that includes: NOT OF THIS WORLD, with Colin Farrell starring and producing; FAILAN, written by Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Jose Rivera; THE SEA HAWK written by Mark Pennell and A LITTLE WAR OF OUR OWN, starring and to be directed by Costner. Ellis’ other film credits include: THE HURRICANE, which starred Denzel Washington, THIRTEEN DAYS starring Kevin Costner and directed by Roger Donaldson, and A LOT LIKE LOVE, starring Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet.  Ellis also developed and co-produced the Dreamworks box office smash GALAXY QUEST, which starred Tim Allen and Sigourney Weaver.

Ellis is a graduate of UCLA with a degree in theatre. Her career began with the commercial production house, The Power & Light Picture Company.  She joined Beacon in 1991.