Rudy Langlais


The former journalist, City Editor of the Village Voice and Executive Editor of Spin Magazine, has produced such films as “The Hurricane”, the saga of Rubin “Hurricane” Carter’s journey to freedom, “Sugar Hill”, which starred Wesley Snipes as the son of a ravaged Harlem family trying to save what’s left of them, “Who Killed Atlanta’s Children?”, recounting his own investigation for SPIN of the series of brutal slayings in Atlanta, which featured Jim Belushi and Gregory Hines, and “Redemption” for 20th Century Fox and the FX Network, which starred Jamie Foxx in his Golden Globe-nominated role as Stanley Tookie Williams, the founder of the Crips gang, who was nominated for seven Nobel Prizes for writing children’s books.

Presently, Langlais is producing for Beacon “Childhood’s End”, Arthur C. Clarke’s science fiction classic of man’s next provocative evolutionary stage; “Any Four Women”, a caper film with four sophisticated women running the caper; “2 Guys On The Job,” about domestic surveillance; and “When We Were Glorious”, the story of William ”Wild Bill” Donovan, founder of America’s first central intelligence agency.

Born in the Caribbean, as journalist, editor and producer, Langlais has worked with a number of the leading journalists and writers of the past 25 years, including Pulitzer Prize-winner Norman Mailer, Pete Hamill, Jack Newfield, Stanley Crouch, Quincy Troupe, Ishmael Reed, Milos Forman, Alexander Cockburn, and Jack Briley.