Chris was born in 2075, during the robot apocalypse. With the leaders of that time realizing he may be humanity’s last hope, he was sent back in time in order to prevent that horrible timeline from coming to be.

It was only after Chris arrived in our present time that he realized they had sent him back just so they wouldn’t have to deal with his (not) funny puns and witty zingers. After integrating himself with a family unit in Chicago for a few years, he realized he needed to spread his wings and find meaning in his life. So, like every prom king and queen, he set his sights on Los Angeles.

The first couple of years were rough, but Chris persevered. He started meeting great people and even got a few good jobs in there too. It wasn’t until he landed at Beacon, though, that Chris finally felt like he had found a home away from home.

Since Chris is from the future, he knows all the big hits-to-be… So he’s kinda nice to have around